Ecological Technologies awarded Wastewater Contract for Kokomo Yaukuve Island Resort

Ecological Technologies Ltd has been awarded the contract to provide wastewater treatment for Kokomo Yaukuve Island Resort, Kadavu, Fiji.

Kokomo Yaukuve Island Resort is a 5 Star holiday resort which due to open this year. Yaukuve Island is part of the Kadavu Island Group and is approximately 45 minutes flight from Nadi International Airport.

As Kokomo Yaukuve Island Resort is surrounded by the world famous Great Astrolabe Reef, the developer set high standards for the treatment process seeking not only to meet the Class A Recycled Water Guidelines but also the Fiji Government’s “Significant Ecological Zone Requirements” in respect to nutrient levels.

The treatment system being provided by Ecological Technologies will be based on a Veolia PMT Bio-disk for secondary treatment and denitrification. Tertiary treatment will be provided by an Arkal automatic disk filter followed by ultraviolet disinfection. The ultraviolet disinfection system will be provided by LIT Europe.