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In order to ensure that an ultraviolet disinfection system is applying the correct dose it is necessary to know the flow through the reactor and the UV transmissivity of the water being irradiated.

Real Tech Inc offer both a portable UV-T meters and an on-line UV-T monitors.

The portable Real UV-T meter is easy to use, extremely accurate and comes with a 2 year warranty .

The portable Real UVT meter can quickly and accurately test UV254 in the field within minutes. The Real UVT meter utilizes Real Tech Inc.’s patented Split-Sense technology to give it many advantages such as its fast 1 minute warm-up time and extreme accuracy.

Split-Sense technology works by using a single beam of UV light to take continuous readings before and after the insertion of the quartz cuvette allowing for compensation of the detects of UV lamp drift and fluctuations.

The Real UVT meter’s new calibration memory feature allows testing to be performed without the need to zero the meter with 100% DI water even if the meter has been powered off.

The  Real on-line monitor has a range of 0-100% UV-T and with continuous automatic calibration it is ideal for monitoring natural organic   matter in water and wastewater streams.

The innovative Ortho-Beam technology allows for continuous automatic calibration during operation, thereby enabling the Real UVT Online to overcome the many challenges faced by other similar instrumentation.

The Real UVT Online’s unique ability to automatically detect and compensate for UV lamp fluctuations and quartz fouling prevents a loss in accuracy over time and significantly reduces maintenance.

The Real UVT Online monitor is the ideal solution for monitoring UV254 instantaneously in real time. The Real UVT Online monitor can also be used as a alternative or supplement to measuring other organic test parameters such as TOC, DOC, BOD and COD.

  • coagulation optimization
  • DBP formation potential
  • effluent monitoring
  • and more...