LIT Wastewater Disinfection Systems

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The LIT UV technology is based on extensive research and considerable experience. LIT closed reactor systems are successfully used for water treatment in a wide variety of low transmission applications. The system offers a basic and reliable disinfection solution, ranging in capacities from 10 to more than 850 m2 per hour.

LIT equipment is tailored for applications which have a water quality with low UV transmittance.


LIT systems are designed and manufactured according to international standards, using the highest quality materials and components for a safe, economical treatment of liquids with low UV transmittance. The optimally designed stainless steel reactor systems will guarantee excellent flow mixing for an efficient and reliable disinfection performance.

Light-weight and long-lasting electronic ballasts are installed to increase energy efficiency and lamp performance.


Ultraviolet lamps are the heart and soul of every UV system. All LIT UV devices are equipped with modern industrially manufactured Low Pressure  High Output (LPHO) mercury “Amalgam” germicidal lamps. These lamps, which are developed and produced by LIT Technology, are characterized by an extremely high UV output and superior energy efficiency. A unique internal coating limits the depreciation of UV output to a maximum of 10% at end-of-life. An effective disinfection performance is therefore guaranteed during the entire operation period.

Fewer lamps are required in a more compact space, reducing installation and operation costs.


A PLC based control system continuously monitors the applied UV dose in the reactor. Each individual UV lamp is monitored for operating status and elapsed lamp hours. All operating data are available through the operator interface. The UV system can easily be integrated with the main control system of the treatment plant through various available field bus interfaces.

  • Chemical-free: safe and environmentally friendly, no by-products
  • LIT closed reactor technology: reduced design and construction costs for wastewater disinfection under pressure
  • LIT LPHO Amalgam lamp technology: reduced power consumption, lowest operation and maintenance costs, small footprint
  • Sophisticated design concepts: high flexibility, tailored to customer specifications
  • Accurate LIT UV sensors: exact dose monitoring and pacing
  • Bioassay validation: no theoretical calculations but physical verification of system performance
  • Mechanical and chemical cleaning options: eliminate organic and inorganic fouling of quartz tubes for a consistent disinfection performance.