Westfall Model 2300 Flow Meter

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The Model 2300 is an all fibreglass design utilising DERAKANE* Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resin (DERAKANE is a Trademark of the Dow Chemical Company). It  is non corrosive, self scouring, dimensionally stable  and can be used with inlet temperatures to 180 degree F with standard resin. Up to 250 degrees F with high temperature resin.

The WESTFALL Model 2300 venturi can be supplied with bronze, stainless steel or other metal throat material and/or with coated carbon steel holding flange. The high and low pressure connections are 316 stainless steel.  The tube is supplied ready to install with integral neoprene flange gaskets. Size range is for piping from 19 mm to 3,050 mm.

The Model 2300 is of short laying length design with high accuracy and low permanent pressure loss. The flow conditioning within the inlet section allows for closer coupling with upstream pipe fittings.

Should pressure drop be of importance in a particular piping network, the outlet cone can be extended to satisfy the user's headloss requirements.


No company has more experience than Westfall Manufacturing Co. in the design and fabrication of the Fibreglass Venturi Flow Meters. Westfall have manufactured more than 10,000 meters since 1965 and have been involved in direct design of the tubes and special tooling to manufacture the products.

Westfall  draws from many years of design experience and have developed computer software that will quickly size, price, and generate manufacturing drawings for your special requirements. Westfall has been the manufacturer of fibreglass venturis for several large suppliers and are proud of this record of successful application.