Kaipara District Council, acting on the advice of their consultants,  CPG New Zealand Ltd, has chosen LIT DUV-3A-DB300 ultraviolet disinfection systems for the Maungaturoto water treatment plant upgrade.

LIT DUV systems  installed in the Maungaturoto plant are “Certified” under Önorm M5873-1 and meet the requirements of the DWSNZ.

The systems are each designed for a peak flow of 50 m3/h at a UV transmission of 95%. They are installed in a duty / standby configuration.

Each system has three low pressure / high output LIT DB300 amalgam lamps which are powered by individual electronic ballasts. Dose pacing and variable power (50% - 100%) are available as options.

The lamps have a 12,000 hour guarantee based on a daily average of 8 on / off cycles per day. The LIT lamp guarantee provides for full replacement up to 8,760 hours and replacement at 50% of the normal cost for the remainder of the guarantee.

 A chemical cleaning system which is provided with each unit to minimise maintenance requirements consists of a small tank and pump. The pump circulates oxalic acid through the reactor removing scale and other deposits from the quartz sleeves, sensor window and interior of the reactor body when required.

LIT DUV systems have been installed by the main contractor, Prowater Services, and Ecological Technologies Ltd carried out the start up and commissioning of the units and provided operator training.